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HCH CIPEX 2016 successfully concluded

  After a three-day exhibition, HCH in the 23rd daily paper international science and technology exhibition and conference (CIDPEX 2016\2016 household paper annual meeting and penetration, the elderly health care products exhibition) in nanjing international expo center ended smoothly.

   In this exhibition, HCH adhere to the independent innovation as the foundation, customer demand for guidelines, bring users really from production to packaging of disposable sanitary products a full range of solutions for the idea, always strive to provide users with really high speed, high efficiency, stable and high quality equipment.

   HCH focus on this exhibition display and recommended many high-speed baby care health products production equipment, with high speed of adult incontinence supplies production equipment as well as the womens health supplies production equipment consistent obtained the favorable comment of domestic and foreign customers, HCH device of high speed, high efficiency, high performance and stability, and intelligent degree has been ranked as the worlds advanced level, and have gained worldwide famous sanitary products widely accepted of the multinational company, at the same time HCH always adhere to the "customer first, rapid response, high efficiency to solve" service attitude have been widely praised by users.

   HCH has gradually become a real innovation, dare to explore, to keep pace with The Times, fully respect the intellectual property rights, respect for talent, for the customers international professional equipment manufacturing enterprises, through our efforts has gradually changed the Chinese brand was not accepted, the developed countries monopoly situation of high-end equipment, we believe that through our efforts and adhere to certain can bring customers the most advanced, highest quality and highest performance-to-price ratio of equipment at the same time providing customers with the best quality service, let the "made in China, China to create" from now on towards the world and won extensive praise and respect!